Ted Tramayne Award Winner 2015 (B)

Young Parents Program has been located in Stafford Road Kedron since 1990. In July 2014 YPP chose to become part of Encircle Ltd and service a wider community.

The organisation was first established in 1986 as a response to teenagers turning up at Royal Women’s Hospital in labour and not having had any clinical care or attended child birth education. These young mothers were often unprepared for the birth of a baby and then returned to the community with a baby but little or no support.

YPP works in partnership with many other organisations including Stafford Meals on Wheels. Working on a small budget YPPs team can be supporting up to 320 pregnant and parenting mothers children and partners at any one time.

YPP (Encircle Ltd) provide a professional, flexible and youth friendly approach to the delivery of domestic violence education and services for young women from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. One of the key programs in this area is the Healthy Relationships Program which has been in operation for the last 3 years.

YPP relies totally on government grants and funding and a growing group of volunteers.