Ted Tramayne Award Winner 2015 (A)

The Nundah Community Enterprise Co-operative (NCEC) was formed in 1998 to create sustainable employment and training opportunities for people with mental illness, learning disability or an intellectual disability.

NCEC is a not-for-profit community charity that trains and employs over 20 people for meaningful work opportunities through its two businesses; Espresso Train Café & Catering and NCEC Parks & Maintenance. The people supported and trained by NCEC have struggled to find a place in the current economic structure. They are keen to work but may learn at a different pace to other employees.

Espresso Café is located directly opposite the Nundah Railway Station and has successfully operated as a café and catering service since 1999.

NCEC currently maintain 26 public parks on the north side of Brisbane and Nundah Village. The relationship with the BCC began in 2001. NCEC also has a contract with Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to maintain and mow some open spaces on the north side of Brisbane.

The Parks crew are a committed and multi-skilled group who enjoy a regular income, job security and ongoing training.