Ted Tramayne Award Winner 2014

Queensland Stoma Association Inc. is a non-government, self-help organisation supporting the wellbeing of all people in the community who has a “stoma” as a result of radical bowel or bladder surgery. A stoma is an artificially created opening to the body for the evacuation of waste.

Persons having undergone ostomy surgery may experience life with a stoma on either a temporary or permanent basis. Stoma surgery and the following adjustment period is generally a traumatic period for patients and their family.

The primary objective of the Queensland Stoma Association is to assist people living with a stoma to maintain as normal a quality of life as possible. The Association extends ongoing emotional and social support and information to over 2,000 members.

The Association has been operating since 1961 with a combination of part-time paid staff and volunteers. The bulk of the distribution and support is undertaken by a team of 25 volunteers.